1. Will the Bebe Bottle Sling work on my carseat?

We have strived to make the baby bottle sling work on all car seats through the use of snaps. Some car
seats don't require the use of any of the snaps while others require either one or two snaps to cause
the baby bottle to align properly. See the packaging instructions for further details regarding your
particular type of car seat.

We have tried the baby bottle sling on the current carseats and as far as we know it will work on all
commercially available carseats. However, if you purchase the baby bottle sling and find that it will
not adjust to your handle, please call and inform us of the problem. We will do everything we can to
make the sling work on your handle or we will refund your money.

2. Will the Bebe Bottle Sling work with my baby bottle?
Bebe Bottle Sling FAQ
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